New Parent Guide – Infancy Stage 1 (0-4 months)

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Written By Guest Blogger: Jessica Zwilling COVT

“To understand vision we must know the child; to understand the child we must know the nature of his vision.”  ~Arnold Gesell, MD.

Everyone says at some point in their career that it seems that their patient’s keep getting younger. In reality, we are just getting older. In my case, however, my patients really are getting younger. I am still getting older, unfortunately, but lately I have been working with a lot less grade schoolers and a lot more babies and toddlers. My last blog installment was a call for awareness – for better education of parents and other professionals in the realm of vision development. I have started to compile information from highly regarded sources for my own benefit and that of my patients.

The following information is not new. It is old wisdom from a time when psychologists and optometrists…

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TEDx Talk on Vision and Learning

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Excellent job by our colleague, Dr. Vicky Vandervort, on her just-released TEDx video on Vision-Related Learning Problems.  She address the subject with passion, wit, emotion, candor and all in a succinct 9+ minutes.  Please watch the entire video, and share it with as many people as you can.  If you’re a blogger, blog about it.  Place it on your facebook pages, boost it if you will, and help get her message out.

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