The Heroism of Incremental Care

Atul Gwande is an unusually talented observer, thinker, and writer who is a surgeon. I have blogged about his books in the past. If you are interested in health and healthcare, I think that you will find his article on incremental healthcare to be intriguing. Although it is long, I think that it will hold your interest. It can be accessed through Google.


The Heroism of Incremental Care/ The New Yorker








A Dizzying Journey Through the Science

Of Our Most Delicate Sense

Carol Svec

Balance usually works so well that people don’t think about it until we get older. After over eighteen months of research, interviews, being an experimental subject, and writing, Carol Svec concludes, “We don’t have a sense of balance. We are balance. Balance gives us our place and space in the world, but it also contributes to our sense of self.”pensioners-2399602_960_720 Continue reading

The Importance of Sleep

This article is long, but is too interesting to put you to sleep. Research is demonstrating how the brain can heal itself through an adequate amount of natural sleep. The medications which are currently available do not stimulate the brain activity of restorative sleep but new possibilities are being developed. We already know that sleep deprivation is one of the most effective means of torture. Research had demonstrated that our cognitive abilities decline with modest sleep deprivation and getting less sleep is associated with gaining weight. We now have indications that sleep is preventative to the disease process in Alzheimer’s. Sleep is not a luxury. It is a necessity in all animals in which it has been studied.

Sleep Continue reading

The Slow Learner in the Classroom


Newell C. Kephart was an important figure in the perceptuo-motor school of education and remediation. While education now places less emphasis on perceptuo-motor development, other than in special populations, it is still part of how processing is viewed by psychology and optometry. Occupational therapy and physical therapy have also become involved. Continue reading