Solutions for your child who struggles in school starts by knowing what to ask your eye doctor

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We’ve all had the experience of a “rushed” medical examination. The doctor is trying to see many waiting patients and quickly making decisions about why we are there.

But, when it comes to your child who has had a rough year at school in reading and learning, the evidence is clear, it is essential that your child be given a comprehensive eye health and vision evaluation that targets the categories of vision development that can be associated with reading/learning problems. Ruling out eye disease is important with all patients. This can take up to 15 minutes of a standard eye examination especially when it involves dilation of the pupils.

However, for those children with vision related reading and learning problems, the research shows in multiple studies and outlined by the American Optometric Association(AOA), a comprehensive vision evaluation that involves refraction (testing for corrective lenses) and additional testing of binocular…

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