How Vision Therapy Changed My Life: A Letter From a Doctor to Her Optometrist

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Thanks to our colleague, Dr. Beth Ballinger, for sharing this heartfelt letter she received from a grateful former vision therapy patient.

Dear Dr. Ballinger,

Now that I have graduated from medical school and am a physician of Internal Medicine, I want to take a moment to say thank you. I would not have become a doctor without your care and the benefits of vision therapy. As I started having double vision in my grueling first year of medical school, I was caught off guard with the realization that I was seeing double when I would read. This made the hours of studying difficult, and I was getting headaches and nausea toward the end of the day when my eyes were especially tired. Despite knowing I had surgery for strabismus as a child, up until this point, I only had the slight difficulty with hand-eye coordination or the occasional awareness of…

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